Best accounting firm in Dubai, UAE

The banking sector includes a huge number of documentation and KYCs that are continuous and with incessant requests to deliver the relevant certificate for internal verification and audit methodology. We are well acquainted with the structures and applications and will altogether assist you to finish all lines on schedule. In house banking counters with our banking counters makes opening a bank account simpler and faster.

Focal Point Business Center, the best accounting firm, gives you all the business banking solutions and help you while setting up your company in the UAE. Starting from opening a bank account for your organization or offering bank assurance that we can support you. We have strong connections with the banking sector along with our years of experience as the accounting services company you are certain to be in a beneficial situation in fulfilling all requests.

What is the guarantee of accounting services for Business Services?

A bank guarantee is given to an organization or an individual regardless of the limit of the firm. Hence, a nominal comprehension or expense is charged between the parties involved. UAE has become commonplace for global financial investors; the use of bank guarantee is huge in number. The Commercial Lawyers in Dubai have illustrated different aspects of bank guarantee and the law of the UAE administering the same.

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How to open a bank account in UAE?

Business firms and high net-value people from different countries strive to open a bank account in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. There can be various agreements to open a UAE business bank account. With Focal Point Business Center, the accounting services provider, you can easily open a bank account in Dubai for non-residents or corporate bodies. We help you through the right banks in the region that offer low charges on banking services, easy reporting system, high quality of services, and competitive fees. To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to think about any of the UAE banks or offshore accounting solutions for small businesses, reach our business setup specialists.