Why Company Setup with FOCAL POINT?

Focal Point Business Centre believes in creating a wide scope for businesses so they can be an aspect of Dubai's thriving financial and economic module. We believe that conveying exceptional customer services is core to our prosperity, and our whole business is built to accomplish this objective. We understand that when setting up a business in Dubai, it is critical to understand the local nuances and association, which is the reason we help you set up your business in a manner that allows you to focus on development and acquire new possibilities while we take care in setting up your company uninterrupted.

Over the years, we have mastered the techniques of assisting pioneers SME’s and established organization build unique business. We tackle their most troublesome issues and genuine challenges flawlessly. Our scale, scope, and knowledge permits us to address issues that nobody else can. On a fundamental level, we are a network of veterans from the individuals who are passionate about winning huge challenges that matters in driving businesses around the world.


UAE Mainland

The initial step is to have intensive knowledge and market study of the UAE Read More


UAE Free zones

You can easily start the process of setting up a free zone business in Dubai Read More


UAE Offshore

UAE offshore companies are not given working licenses and are just given an endorsement Read More

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Avoid set-up costs, capital investment and ongoing hassles: we eliminate the burden of a property management.

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