About Focal Point

Focal Point Business Centre,offers affordable yet luxurious office spaces and co-working space in Dubai and the UAE, We caters to customers from offshore and free zone registered companies.
Focal Point Business Centre,presentsan unmatched degree of business solutions and office arrangements that include cutting edge office services space and customized support from our trained staff. We offer business centres located in at prime locations of UAE with value- added services that enable our customers to deal with their business effectively and hassle- free

Reliable Local Sponsor: Focal Point Business Centreis your local sponsor and assist you with setting up a business in Dubai or any other Emirates across the United Arab Emirates. While you partner with us, we ensure complete transparency and reliability throughout the journey of your company set up. Free PRO Services throughout the year: Our Uniqueness sets us apart in the UAE, we offer you free PRO services, in case you are under Focal Point Business Centre's sponsorship. We treat your business with complete respectability and do our best to make the business setup as extensive as possible. In this way, the Focal Point Business Centre charges no amount for certification and document clearances. Easy and fast document clearance: Focal Point Business Centre, guarantees continuous development and easy services to ourcustomers. setting up a company in dubai requires numerous documents thus we provide everything under one roof! You don't have to run from one government division to another, nor do you have to stress over the documents needed

UAE Mainland

Some committed business set up organizations in the UAE encourage company incorporation in the UAE. At Focal Point Business Centre, we assist you through the entire process of company formation business setup and also support you in processing all the necessary documents. With professional expert’s guidance from our consultants and our strong government connections, we can set up your Dubai mainland business as conveniently as possible.
We are working as a business consultancy firm in UAE that offers business setup services like Mainland company registration, assist with trade license necessities, PRO services, and visa requirements. Focal Point Business Centre also acts as your UAE local partner that is a mandatory requirement for any UAE mainland business by law.

Setting up the best business in UAE grabs your company’s attention because of the following reasons:

  • Prime location: The UAE ends up being a key area with regards to the Middle East. It offers chances to business speculators to enter the other GCC nations and aides in growing the business activities. 
  • Ideal Economic Policies: The Government of UAE gives various facilities to business investors like 100% foreign proprietorship, no personal tax, etc to approach and start business setup measures connected with various enterprises.
  • Tax Incentives: In Dubai, foreign investors appreciate the advantages related to tax. Installments of income tax isn't required which ends up being an eye-catching point.
  • Ideal Business Culture: Dubai gives a lovely business atmosphere to the business entities independent of its size and nature of the business, it remains the ideal area for entrepreneurs, business people, and business experts.
  • Evasion of Double Taxation: The UAE gives the adaptability to the business proprietors to go into a double taxation agreement for import-export processes, which permits them to clear out the expense to be paid on both sides.
  • Plenty of available natural resources: The UAE has huge accessibility of natural resources that ends up being very useful for carrying on with a better lifestyle and also in the business space.
  • Powerful Network: The UAE has vigorous connectivity that assists in facilitating the transportation cycle that covers roadways, waterways, and airways. This adaptability urges business proprietors to set up their business in Dubai Mainland and complete the important business activities.
  • Simple Business Setup Process: For business set up measures, Dubai Mainland gives a simple method to start and complete the cycle. Business proprietors generally want to have a word with proficient business experts regarding the same that assists with finishing the job quickly.
  • Simple Availability of Office Space: Dubai Mainland has been a developing centre concerning business foundations. So, you never need to stress over office space to start your business and complete the processes.
  • Under the UAE Commercial Companies Law, organizations are categorized for regulatory measures and are differentiated for better development and growth. So, whenever you think of setting up a company in the UAE, there are ample choices to choose from. We, at Focal Point Business Centre, will take you through the advantages and disadvantages of the choices available to you and assist you with settling on the most ideal decision for your business. We help our customers with Mainland Company set up in the UAE by dealing with their business necessities from the beginning till the end. 
    Our Business Development group trusts in complete operational transparency and progresses in the direction of finding out customer's business growth by restricting their tax liabilities and ensuring the protection of their assets with free money repatriation. We help our customers in managing: 
  • Dealing with financial balances in UAE and other jurisdictions
  • Taking care of managerial and bookkeeping services
  • Providing proficient audit and confirmation services
  • Focal Point Business Centre gives vital business contributions as well as handles the legal documentation process to guarantee easy and smooth business measures. Reach us today to have a word with our experts and start your mainland company formation process.

    Abu Dhabi Mainland

    Decide the Type of Economic Activities: Decide on the type of business you need to run before starting the methodology, since legal procedures and expense may fluctuate contingent upon the type of your business.

  • Locate a Local Sponsor: According to the UAE purview, foreign businesses need local support to open a branch office in Abu Dhabi. This will encourage the fundamental licenses for the branch office without bearing any risk to capital contributions or disadvantages.
  • Decide the Legal Form of Business: Rules and guidelines are different for various proprietorship types and business foundations. You have to choose a legal entity type to maintain your business.
  • Register Your Trade Name: A trade name defines an organization and portrays its type and authoritative document. We help our customers in not just setting up a business in Abu Dhabi also additionally in enlisting a trading name given by the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  • Get Special Approvals: A foreign financial investment is needed to acquire endorsements from the accompanying authorities: Abu Dhabi Customs Authority, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC), Central bank, etc.
  • Acquire the Initial Approval: An allowance from the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs - Abu Dhabi (GDRFA) is vital for global financial investors before making the underlying endorsement.An underlying approval declaration is required to proceed with the business license norms that grant foreign nationals to settle their business activity in Abu Dhabi.
  • We help our customers get all the fundamental approvals from the concerned authorities, including the DED, and assist them with paying the charge for getting a business license issued.

    With Focal Point Business Centre's business company formation Abu Dhabi, the expense of setting up a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is just AED 23,500* for 2 years. Focal Point Business Centre helps business people and associations in setting up a new business in Abu Dhabi through business registration, joining, and legal consulting services. Our professionals deal with the banking, visa, and authorizing norms, abiding the UAE laws. We help you through your business formation, with your business targets in the middle of our environment.
    We help you in planting your business in this thriving economy. It incorporates dealing with all the legal strategies to enable your business to increase attraction, set up open economic accords, and benefit all the best in class luxuries of the region. For business setup services in Abu Dhabi,

    Dubai Mainland

    Dubai's prime location is the only important reason to invest in the city. It gives a pathway towards Eastern businesses and is a phenomenal hub for imports and exports. Dubai is
    considered as probably the most secure city around the world and one that has a high calibre of life. Here are a couple of advantages if you need to open a company in Dubai.

  • No constraint on visas 
  • Adaptability to rent office anywhere in the city
  • No limitations in office space necessity 
  • Incredible opportunity to extend by setting up branches 
  • New license to develop the business in the Mainland without establishing a branch office 
  • No requirement of minimum capital
  • Authorization to undertake government projects
  • Global exposure and an investor-friendly government are the main two elements that inspire business owners to begin a business in Dubai.

  • Select Trade Name for your Business: Select the name and make sure the name is not registered before. Submit the proposed company name with the registration application to the Department of Economic Development (DED) 
  • Finalize the type of Business and the business activity involved: The kind of business relies upon the business activity that you select. In Dubai, a Limited Liability Company is the most-favored business element in the Emirates.
  • Draft a Memorandum of Association: This incorporates the details of investors and the company. Get the organization's Memorandum of Association is authorized in the DED
  • Submit Required Documents: Apply for registering your business at the Dubai company registrar. Attach all the required documents of the company to bring out the trade license. A business setup partner can guide you on the paperwork required and assist you with finishing it.
  • The Dubai business setup costs rely upon the jurisdiction, zone of operation, business activity, and the license you hold.
    Focal Point Business Centre helps business owners and firms in working together in Dubai through company enrollment, consolidation, and legal counselling services. Our business setup advisors deal with the banking, visa, and authorizing formalities obeying the UAE laws. When you are considering setting up a business in Dubai Mainland, Focal Point Business Centre can assist you with key consultation, legitimate and documentation procedures, and dealings with local partners. We have contacts that assist us in handling the entire procedure of business set up smoothly and properly.

    Ajman Mainland

    The Emirate of Ajman appreciates the natural highlights, making it one of the most pivotal spots of attraction in the zone. It fits to be a fundamental centre for ventures which can open new skylines in the world of economy, and give huge investment openings. To know why Ajman is an amazing spot for investment, follow the below-given point:

  • It lies among Dubai and Sharjah and can be easily accessible for all business owners.
  • Accessibility of services, and facilities like power, medical, and telecommunication.
  • The free zones in Ajman support the investors, giving 100% foreign ownership, easy and quick approvals, and many tax reduction benefits.
  • Ajman port offers facilities for exports and imports, vessel fix, and maintenance services.
  • Cost operation is quite low for many businesses contrasted with other free zones in the world.
  • Essential businesses are accessible causing it to give many raw materials needed to ready and semi-manufactured industries.
  • Condition of workmanship foundations like ports, streets, industrial zones, and transport.
  • To begin with a business setup and formation in Ajman, the below steps need to be followed:

  • Submit the business application form at the Customer Services Centre in the region for initial approval.
  • Catch up with the Inspection Unit in the municipality of Ajman for checking the selected business area. 
  • Get endorsement of particular offices in the district, if required. 
  • Get approval for the trade name and issuing a business register and membership declaration.
  • Submit the fundamental approvals, along with the receipts from the Ministry of Trade as acknowledgment into the Register of Companies.
  • Pay all the charges and apply them to the Customer Services Centre to get the receipt. It might take one day to get the license for your business.
  • After these, there is a requirement of various sets of legal documents that might include Article of Association, the bank reference letter. The proof of residence of the business owner, a valid copy of the passport of the business shareholders, etc.

    The approximate capital required is AED 183,500 if the businesses fall under Free Zone Company or Free Zone Establishment. Focal Point Business Centre helps business people and firms in setting up a business in Ajman through registration of the company, joining, and legitimate consulting services. Our consultants deal with the banking, visa, legal, and authorizing guidelines keeping the UAE laws intact. We direct you through your business formation in Ajman, with your business goals at the center.

    UAE Freezone

    Business set up in free zones isn't dependent upon the commercial company’s law. UAE free zones by Focal Point Business Center offer a great business opportunity for business owners from all around the globe and give a liberal workplace and simple organization setup methods. The process includes:

    Identify the type of legal entity: Identity which kind of entity you need to set up in any of the free zones. The capital demands for such an entity relies on that specific free zone where you need to set up the business.

    Select a trading name: After choosing the kind of legal entity, pick a trading name for your business. Note that you should check with the free zone authority about the allowed trade names and whether the proposed name has already been enrolled for registration.

    Apply for a business license: After getting confirmed on the trade name and enrolling the same in the free zone authority's portal, you need to apply for a business license. There are different types of business licenses issued by the free zone authorities. The type of business permit will depend on the primary activity of your business. You have to present the supporting documents while applying for the license.

    Select an office space: We provide give flex-desk office services to support new companies. Business owners can choose to either purchase or rent office spaces in free zones. Office requirements rely upon the employee strength and the kind of business activity of your organization.

    Register your business, and get the license: Get the approval from your authority, register your business at the portal, and get your license. The entire process will get completed within a month.

    There are numerous advantages for the new companies setting up their business in free zones. The wide range of opportunities provided to investors is what makes the free zones the most searched regions for setting up a business. Their other reasons are:

  • A Wide Range of Business Licenses and Activities: A company in the free zone is allowed to engage in a variety of business activities with the required licenses.
  • Privacy: High level of confidentiality is adopted about the identity of its owners, directors, and activities within acceptable international standards.
  • Registered Office: A free zone company is given a registered office at the location of the free zone areas it is authorized under. Also, one can open a bank account anywhere outside the UAE.
  • Focal Point Business Center is a registered company, well informed of the company formation rules and regulations in the Middle East, and has been helping companies gain a foothold in the United Arab Emirates. Free zone company set up in the UAE is fulfilling, with tax exceptions, lower foundation overheads, and business-friendly government policies. If you are looking for a business partner to facilitate your organization set up process in the UAE and start with your business dreams vigorously, contact our experts at Focal Point Business Center for a smooth journey.

    Ajman Freezone

    Ajman Free Zone Authority has four kinds of business licenses that they issue for Ajman free zone company setup: 

  • Trading License Individuals who maintain a business in the free zone region are given a trading license. The Ajman free zone trade license can bring three tasks in one license given by the Ajman Free Zone Authority.
  • E-Commerce License A business that would like to venture into e-Commerce or perhaps starts an internet company can choose an e-commerce license. Additionally, it offers technical support and marketing to investors.
  • Professional License All foreign companies are prepared to create their business in the sector, like IT, the management, or even marketing and advertising consultancy. Ajman Free Zone should get a professional license to begin their business enterprise.
  • Industrial License All businesses associated with the generation of commodities have to get a manufacturing license coming from Ajman Free Zone Authority to begin the manufacturing plant of theirs in the free zone region. Ajman Free Zone Authority additionally offers warehouses and smart store services for manufacturing companies.
  • Ajman company formation presents numerous natural functions and elements that are probably the most attractive investment hub. It opens a brand new world of economic horizons and lucrative investment opportunities. As a result, it provides Ajman Free Zone company formation and operations positive aspects that attract Indian investors, thinking about establishing overseas brands. Our staff is definitely prepared to help interested investors with information and the Ajman business formation methods. Ajman Free Zone is probably the most economical and also created free zones within the UAE. So definitely it can serve as the very best place for a business established within the UAE. Focal Point Business Center is a one-stop answer and service provider for international and neighborhood businessmen and investors. Our team will take proper care of all the business needs, including business setup registration, Ajman free zone license, and other legal formalities.

    Ajman Free Zone is probably the oldest and best-known Ajman Free Trade zone within the UAE. It is situated at the Emirate of Ajman, approximately 40 mins drive from Dubai. This zone is situated adjacent to an ocean port. It welcomes some businesses: starting with freelancers, ending with mild trading and manufacturing companies. As opposed to an online business established in Dubai, the Ajman Free Zone company setup appeals to people who begin with an innovative small business idea. 
    Various other significant Benefits of Ajman Free Zone:  Focal point Business Center is prepared to provide you the strategic advantages and economic place of this free zone. That causes appealing for investors worldwide to purchase various sectors and for the business community to begin the new ventures theirs.  Ajman Free Zone companies benefit from the next benefits:
    Enterprise Benefits:

  • Companies in Ajman Free Zone prefer complete exemption from practices duty for services and goods
  • Foreign businesses can have a 100% ownership
  • Provision of 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Liberal financial policies and legal framework
  • Labor price is low
  • Tax relation:
  • Corporate tax is completely exempted for companies
  • Personal income tax is exempted
  • Total exemption while on import-export tax
  • Advantage of Pre-configured office:
  • Companies enjoy land leasing for twenty years, renewable for other twenty years
  • The supply of energy is cheap and abundant
  • No hidden charges
  • Ajman Free Zone has pre-built offices, sensible practices, and also warehouses to facilitate companies
  • RAK Freezone

    Proper licenses are necessary to start a business in Ras Al Khaimah. Registration and issuance of business licenses to non-resident businesses in Ras Al Khaimah are the Free Zone authorities' responsibility. We aim to establish licenses for each Emirate and the Federal Government and for other procedures. The requirements and regulations for business setup vary according to the type of business in each emirate. For an organization based in Ras Al Khaimah, the license types offered are:

  • Commercial License-enabling businesses to sell, manufacture, market, and store goods and materials. Commercial License. Owners of the Company may select between special or general licenses of trade.
  • Services / Consultancy License – which provides companies with services or advisory services throughout all industries.
  • Industrially approved goods, components, and raw materials can be made, stored, refined, and shipped to businesses.
  • Technical license – enables businesses to set up some professional or educational king or consulting institution.
  • Individuals who would like to apply for an advisory license must request their academic credentials and evidence of their gained technical knowledge of the sector that they wish to offer their services within the RAK Free Trade Region.
  • A one-year commercial license is available. The corporation must either renew or deregister after one year has expired. To escape excess fines and fees, companies need to either upgrade or re-register.
  • Anyone who applies for license renewal must refer their application to the audit reports. To prepare a company audit report, licensed UAE audit firms must be assigned.
  • If demanded by the license holder, business licenses can be changed. The license holder shall also pay the applicable fees and comply with the usual approval process.
  •  RAK company formation, they regularly reviews and inspect an organization's facility and determines the level of operation.
  • Sublease services are banned.
  • Licenses are required to ensure that companies comply with the UAE's customs rules in their entirety.
  • UAE Offshore

    When you think of your company formation in Dubai UAE, you are directed to fetch the below features.

  • Advisory services 
  • Purchasing, holding or selling stakes of organizations 
  • Commission agents consulting services 
  • General trading exercises 
  • Worldwide proficient services 
  • Investments and joint ventures 
  • Owning property
  • Offshore company formation allows you to run business productively and you get 100% ownership of your assets in the UAE. Also, you can get the opportunity to evade certain methods in company formation and profit the tax benefits. The different other reasons to choose an offshore company set up in UAE are:

  • Tax benefits: Business can be organized so that the benefits are acknowledged in a manner that limits their overall tax liability.
  • Anonymity: The name of the underlying principle might be kept out of documentation via carrying out operations in the name of the offshore business.
  • Global Trade: An offshore company would be a decent choice for individuals who need to do global business with different other investments.
  • Property Transfer: If a proprietor decides to sells the property; a specific amount of its value might be charged by the authority. This transfer fee is easily avoidable by selling the company itself.
  • Many Investors: Not many property developers around the globe consider more than a single landowner. But when it’s an offshore company in UAE, the number of investors can be 1-50, and the company possesses the property. 
  • Bank Account: You can also get the facility to use the corporate bank accounts.
  • Financial Stability: There is the accessibility of the present banking system, advanced telecommunication facilities, adaptable authoritative structure, and easy joining and filing requirements for offshore companies.
  • An offshore company in the UAE draws in numerous new entrepreneurs because of the least setup cost and other related expenses. With this, the other advantages of having an offshore organization are:

  • Foreign ownership in free zones, without the involvement of any UAE national as an investor or sponsor
  • Full exemption from import and export taxes
  • Zero annual tax, personal and corporate tax
  • Full repatriation of capital and benefits 
  • Asset insurance
  • Complete secrecy, confidentiality, and privacy in business operations
  • Easy to open a bank account in Dubai
  • No restrictions on foreign currencies

  • The offshore company setup is ideal for global business, as worldwide laws administer offshore companies and no local rules are relevant to them, which guarantees that their assets are completely secured with free money repatriation and no tax assessment. We at Focal Point Business Centre recommend our worldwide clients to decide on an offshore business set up in the United Arab Emirates.
    Our business development experts excel at limiting corporate taxes, securing assets and restricting liabilities for our customers, and deals with the entire company incorporation process from beginning to end. In-depth knowledge and extensive local expertise help us to comprehend the unique and customized needs of our client's business and give them an easy and customer friendly workplace.
    We also help our clients in:
  • Authorizing with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) 
  • Fetching an incorporation certificate
  • Getting the office registered in Dubai with PO Box
  • Renewal of company license
  • Opening a multi-currency bank account in Dubai 
  • Preparing registration forms
  • Drafting the Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

  • We offer strategic business inputs, handle legitimate documentation activities, and give best in class facilities at standard rates for your unhindered business development in the UAE. Reach us for your offshore company setup necessities and our team will put in their best to assist you.

    Jeb Ali Offshore

    When you register an offshore company in Jebel Ali, you are a legitimate real business. This makes it simpler for you to lead business inside the Middle East, outside UAE. Offshore organizations can claim property, independently or through UAE organizations in specifically designed locations in Dubai. You additionally get the extra favorable benefits of paying no tax while getting 100% repatriation on profit.
    For offshore company setup in Jebel Ali, you additionally need a registered sponsor or agent to collaborate with JAFZ Authority. Focal Point Business Center Setup is a registered agent for JAFZA and can offer you the best offerings for business setup in offshore Jebel Ali.

    Focal Point Business Center goes about as a single-window business setup consultant for investors to incorporate their offshore business. We will liaise with the JAFZA offshore company registry authorities to pay the yearly renewal of registration fees for the offshore organization. We offer PRO services with JAFZA authorities and all services and government organizations, saving your time, expenses, and effort.
    Focal Point Business Center Setup stands separate due to our depth of knowledge and success in registering many organizations in the UAE. Our set of global consultants as local professionals with profound connections with the government agencies assists you with setting up an offshore company in Jebel Ali from the luxury of your own home within 10 days.
    We additionally provide help with opening bank accounts, feasibility studies, and business plans for your JAFZA offshore as insurance, bookkeeping, examining, and any legal help. With Focal Point Business Center, you can get the most reliable and minimal cost business setup services for your JAFZA offshore company.

    Offshore business set up in Jebel Ali can get complicated. At Focal Point Business Center we offer fast, safe, and easy arrangements. We assist you with registering your offshore organization, get company incorporation certificates, and offer PRO services with important government offices. Focal Point Business Center likewise offers help with banking, insurance, bookkeeping, and legal issues related to the company set up in Jebel Ali offshore.Our business setup service solutions give total confidentiality and privacy to your funds and business, at most standard costs. With the assistance of Focal Point Business Center, business owners can register their offshore business without being present for the joining.

    RAK Offshore

    Ras Al Khaimah, only around 45 minutes from company hub Dubai, is fast becoming the investment destination by choosing investors throughout the world. By way of its advertising and awareness campaign, RAK Offshore companies have produced a name known around the planet. It's registered over 8000 companies that will originate from 100 countries worldwide. In RAK Offshore company formation, several clients come from various market segments across the globe. The countries like the Middle East, Europe, North Asia, and America, merely to say a couple.

    A RAK Offshore company setup shouldn't be mistaken with RAK Offshore company setup services. An offshore business can be a corporate legal body put together and operated beyond its registered authority. The primary reasons why business owners choose RAK offshore company setup agency are:

  • RAK is a gateway on the overseas market
  • RAK has a steady and also business-friendly legal system
  • There may be the accessibility of global funding
  • There is a provision of safety tools for assets like intellectual property
  • RAK enables retention of capital, income, and international earnings
  •  Offshore company prefer complete tax exemption
  • The regulations and rules for any RAK offshore business are flexible
  • Companies have the flexibility to keep shares in a totally free zone business and also inside an onshore (LLC) business
  • Companies can have several bank accounts in several currencies to perform their overseas business operations
  • Incorporation of a RAK offshore business calls for merely one director, shareholder, then secretary (they can easily be the very same person)
  • There is absolutely no restriction on citizenship and absolutely no residency limitation
  • Probably The highest degree of secrecy and also confidentiality is guaranteed for any Offshore company in Dubai
  • RAK offshore company formation has one vital necessity for us. We have accredited registered agents for RAK offshore. They can process all the formation processes and RAK offshore company setup cost. We have the area expertise and knowledge to guide and also look after your offshore company registration procedure. We offer you the very best choices and also make you a cost-efficient and hassle-free business setup.
    We offer all support to RAK Offshore Company setup management. At our business centre, we present an extensive selection of expert business services to help your organization get a broad range of fully-equipped offices. All our offices provided the best features that all you need, providing catering plus audiovisual equipment. Additionally, it contains virtual business packages, perfect for putting up your company from home. It may be because you're determined and wish to have a satellite or perhaps project office.

    Offshore business set up in Jebel Ali can get complicated. At Focal Point Business Center we offer fast, safe, and easy arrangements. We assist you with registering your offshore organization, get company incorporation certificates, and offer PRO services with important government offices. Focal Point Business Center likewise offers help with banking, insurance, bookkeeping, and legal issues related to the company set up in Jebel Ali offshore.Our business setup service solutions give total confidentiality and privacy to your funds and business, at most standard costs. With the assistance of Focal Point Business Center, business owners can register their offshore business without being present for the joining

    Executive Offices Section

    The Focal Point Business Centre offers outfitted office space for rent which will promptly allow you to set up a company in UAE and build up your brand image in UAE in the blink of an eye. With office space for lease with Ejari, business individuals, can give their entire services staying far apart and from any part of the world and they don't need to be truly present in the office. Under the fully furnished office setup, we give you a workplace that you can use for a few hours and for full time as per your convenience. Check out our exclusive office set up rentals to start with your business today. We have a couple of packs of business services that can assist you with a company set up in Dubai, finding the best suitable sponsor for you, and getting the required licenses. Further, we have a variety of the most-fulfilling PRO services in Dubai, through which we can open you a World Bank account organization to assist you after setting up your company. As an executive office room provider, we constantly connect with the UAE government as a major aspect of our diverse business adviser service in UAE, to get your visas and the trade licensing process in the most limited time. We deal with everything concerning a business setup and different business services in Dubai along with executive office rental services in Dubai. The different varieties of executive offices offered by Focal Point Business Centre are: Corporate Office: Drive your business with our office space infused with brand value and company cultures. We feature our corporate offices with:

  • 1 Reception
  • 1 sitting room
  • 1 Managers Cabin
  • 1 Office space
  • 5 executive tables.
  • We don’t charge any hidden costs for any of these services. Grow your business with our on- demand support throughout the day.
  • Semi Corporate Office: Move-in ready and outfitted office space for rent that gives you day in and day out building access and a full floor of infrastructure and amenities. You get the complete access for your semi corporate business dealings with your clients and employees which include:
  • Managers Cabin
  • 4 executive desks
  • Mini Corporates Offices: Our Mini corporate office suites give a combination of private workplaces and team cooperation areas inside one large office. It comprises of 2 executive desks and open space for a team of 4-8 people.  br
    Group Offices: Our group office spaces are for business gatherings to work and team up. Regardless of whether you are a group of 4 or 20 we can give a customized group office space to meet your business needs with 3 executive tables.  
    Work Stations: Staff Spaces are occupied by a single individual or members of a group. These spaces may be private workplaces, open workstations, or screened workstations. Our 24-hour access to the centre and other supportive services help you to run your business thoroughly.

    Focal Point Business Centre assists your business running with: 

  • Ejari services 
  • Full maintenance of the centre
  • Meeting room office services 
  • Private rooms 
  • Automated car parking
  • Wi-Fi services
  • Attendant services 
  • Email and call handling services
  • Access to industry-leading IT infrastructure
  • Fully furnished, rich and luxury amenities
  • Regardless of whether your company is a developing or a start-up, Focal Point Business Centre offers specially customized office space in Dubai that includes Ejari, which is the ideal solution for you.

    Serviced Office Section

    Focal Point Business Centre offers a wide range of services that includes 

  • Waiting lounge
  • Business conference halls and telephone service
  • Proficient front office executive to welcome and greet the visitors 
  • Cleaning services and security 
  • 24-hours Wi-Fi access
  • Secure, business-grade IT framework
  • Mail handling and business address
  • Access to printers and scanners 
  • Other administrative services
  • The Serviced Offices provided by Focal Point Business Centre, gives the intensity of adaptability, versatility, unwavering quality, and reasonableness simultaneously. Organizations requiring cost-friendly, and luxury services for offices and explicitly Dubai Serviced Offices, we can undoubtedly encourage any need at any random time. We accept that our Office spaces should be custom made as per our customer's necessities and not the opposite way around.

    The significant advantage that Focal Point Business Centre can offer as compared with the other competitors is the services, arrangement or office is simply the property. The prestige related to Focal Point Business Centre in Dubai is something that leaves everyone behind.  The infrastructure, facility offices, and advantages become the best with the acknowledgment of the glory factor that has the absolute best of furnished Serviced Offices space for rent. Our office space services take care of the overall arrangements required for a business to operate with pride and brand value. All our office space is accessible on adaptable standing, so you can include more space and even move area – any place you should be. 

  • Scale rapidly without any hassle
  • Low risk
  • Ability to include extra work areas and furniture 
  • Deal with your accounts and appointments
  • Adaptable terms 
  • All set to move into

  • We offer very flexible solutions for the Serviced Offices in Dubai where the business has the choices to operate their work on a daily, weekly, monthly, and long-term basis. Our Serviced offices have a standard including tenancy arrangement! The Serviced Office spaces of Focal Point Business Centre are the best option if you want the business to build up its presence in Dubai. The edge that customers get with Focal Point Business Centre Serviced Offices Dubai is not only an ideal service but a total arrangement of services that are consistently required for any business looking for success in Dubai.

    Co-working Space Section

    Dubai is the leading pioneer in business as well as in the business centre industry has taken amazingly well to this idea and adjusted the creative and imaginative solutions to help Co- working space services in Dubai.

    Focal Point Business Centre has taken coworking spaces management to its class. We understand the requirement for coworking office space for having an inventive workplace, start-ups, tech organizations, adaptability, cost-effectiveness, handling multiple experts, and maintaining various work styles. We have customized our services as per your requirement for individuals, consultants, freelancers, temporary workers, and coworking space virtual offices for the remote workers. Our innovative services are coupled with meeting rooms, food and drinks, attendant services, virtual offices, and different offices that make the ideal Coworking office, Dubai. We have adopted the service mix, offering the services on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis according to the demands of our client.

    Placed in the core of Dubai on the 9th Floor, Conrad Office Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 1, Dubai, UAE our Coworking Space Dubai offers the best in the business for genuine business managers. The complementary services, for example, a tenure agreement, visa choices, outfitted offices, automated parking, SPA, gymnasium, high-speed Wi-Fi, call answering facility, postal address, secretary services, food & drinks makes it more influencing to hire the best business centre in the city

    Virtual Office Section

    With imaginative and generally used strategies in the Business Industry, virtual office setup can empower your company to take advantage of a physical location, landline, and call handling services without having a private and committed office space.

    Focal Point Business Centre offers reasonable and modest spaces virtual offices for rent to the businesses and companies to make their business noticeable and developing. Focal Point Business Centre takes the advantage of its renowned property on the 9th Floor. Conrad Office Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 1, Dubai UAE which surely makes a remarkable and professional business impression in the minds of their clients.Moreover, the proposal of digital virtual office upgrades exponentially when it is combined with complementing options of Serviced office, Coworking space, Business Setup, PRO Services, Private Office Space, meeting and conference rooms, executive office space, and Business Centre services. Businesses and individuals can ensure no other better virtual office accessibility than that of Focal Point Business Centre that is the lead brand in the Business Industry of Dubai.

    Stress-free work address, a virtual office in Dubai can uplift your business Focal Point Business Centre offers a hassle-free virtual office solution with a business address in Dubai for your benefit. With a physical office set up, you can only focus on the clients nearby and lose on your potential clients from other cities in the UAE. Virtual office set up permits agile organizations to grow their market reach into different urban areas while simultaneously lowering their business operations cost in Dubai. Focal Point Business Centre holds an ability to manage and assist more than 500 to 750 virtual offices in Dubai at any random time. Apart from managing, we also provide some of the added services and benefits, like providing access to meeting rooms upon requests that can help your brand image gain more esteem and pride.

    Designer Office Section

    Setting up your own private office may appear to be a decent method to start with your business activities, however, many related costs are not evident to start with. Getting the proper type of furniture, infrastructure, services, innovation, and security can be very costly. Additionally, these infrastructures and maintaining it is another expense. Also, not to forget that the luxury office for rent itself can be a noteworthy expense in an ideal location in Dubai.
    Having a private office will keep you aside from the pressure and the stress of setting up a private office and also lessen the investment needed to get your office ready for operating smoothly. The private room provider like Focal Point Business Center gives you top-end facilities and services at an ideal monthly charge as per the market standards.

    The businesses in Dubai are generally working nonstop and in such a busy and occupied city it is important to have the correct security conventions place. The outfitted office for rent in Dubai offered by Focal Point Business Center utilizes the most recent digital safety and security efforts to make a safe workplace for all the individuals. With the use of systems, for example, key card access, 24*7 work area security, and CCTV coverage, individuals can work in a tranquil and secure environment Private Office for Rent, UAE
    For small businesses, who are aspiring to take their first step to set up their own business or for larger organizations who are expecting to extend and invest more into the quickly developing city of Dubai, private offices are a quick and practical strategy. Instead of getting tied up with long term contracts and complicated setup process, companies can make the entire method significantly simpler for themselves by working out in a private office space for rent. A smoothly running and operative office can be theirs at a standard monthly expense and they don't need to worry over the maintenance services provided by us. Work in the luxury and solace of your own office space with enclosed and spacious rooms. The private offices at Focal Point Business Center guarantee the most efficient prestige, pride, privacy, and security standards for your business. Some of our highlights are:

  • Fully furnished rooms
  • High-Speed Wi-fi services
  • Allocated service staff
  • Personalize your space
  • Cleaning services and security
  • Posh waiting lounge
  • Free access to printers and scanners
  • Car parking services
  • Stress-free work address, a virtual office in Dubai can uplift your business Focal Point Business Centre offers a hassle-free virtual office solution with a business address in Dubai for your benefit. With a physical office set up, you can only focus on the clients nearby and lose on your potential clients from other cities in the UAE. Virtual office set up permits agile organizations to grow their market reach into different urban areas while simultaneously lowering their business operations cost in Dubai. Focal Point Business Centre holds an ability to manage and assist more than 500 to 750 virtual offices in Dubai at any random time. Apart from managing, we also provide some of the added services and benefits, like providing access to meeting rooms upon requests that can help your brand image gain more esteem and pride.

    Meeting Rooms Section

    Our business meeting rooms serve various activities ranging from interviews, video calls, training, corporate meeting & reviews, mini-conferences, workshops, Government interventions, and C Level meetings, etc.

    One of the key components that Focal Point Business Centre concentrates on, is the significance of having the meeting rooms for hire to serve the internal and external clients.
    We pay much attention to our meeting room solutions as they can either make or break the impression for our clients and users. Next, when you are deciding on a conference room meeting, get in touch with us for the quality services at a standard cost. Focal Point Business Centre is on the 9th Floor, Conrad Office Towers, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre 1, Dubai, UAE. Our professional aesthetics, design, ambiance, technology, and outstanding services influence even the organizations in our surrounding Business Centres and offices to book our meeting rooms for their business activities.
    Corporate Meeting Rooms facilities Focal Point Business Centre has designed its meeting room rentals in such an affordable way that we can cater services to every type and level of customers the flexibility to book the meeting rooms on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly basis. Some of our standard facilities and services include: 

  • Business lounge
  • Access to printers & scanners
  • Food pantry with unlimited tea & coffee
  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Call answering service
  • Automated car parking
  • Video calls and phone calls facility
  • IT Support
  • Utilities and Maintenance services
  • Our complimentary services also include welcoming your guests in the lobby and reception area and lead them straight to the office meeting room. Focal Point Business Center team takes pride in boasting of its meeting rooms solutions that facilitate significant business decisions in Dubai and the rest of the world.

    Bank Assistance Section

    Business firms and high net-value people from different countries strive to open a bank account in Dubai and other parts of the UAE. There can be various agreements to open a UAE business bank account. With Focal Point Business Center, the accounting services provider, you can easily open a bank account in Dubai for non-residents or corporate bodies. We help you through the right banks in the region that offer low charges on banking services, easy reporting system, high quality of services, and competitive fees. To have an account in the best bank in Dubai or to think about any of the UAE banks or offshore accounting solutions for small businesses, reach our business setup specialists.

    Business Sponsorship Section

    Partner with the UAE referred to as a local supporter, is one of the basic pillars for starting a company in Dubai or anywhere around the UAE. To conform with UAE commercial company rule, you need local support in the UAE. Also, you can take advantage of the advantageous advantages of starting up a limited company through local support in the UAE.

    According to rule, anyone who wishes to create an LLC business should have a UAE national partner. The territorial funding of Mainland businesses under the framework of a limited liability partnership is subject to UAE. Local sponsors in UAE are required for businesses such as general trade, leasing, real estate, advertisement, technical services, industry and manufacturing licenses, freight and logistics industries, garment, cosmetics and perfume firms, electrical, laundry, fuel and petrochemicals industries, etc. To check if a local UAE sponsorship is appropriate in your company, click here and contact an expert.

    Do you want a local sponsorship from the UAE? The easiest way to locate a nearby United Arab Emirates supporter in Dubai is to use them. We become your local contractual partner according to your terms and conditions that guarantee maximum security. This legislation is not limited to all businesses, but definitely to businesses and large companies. As a corporation, we ensure that your business is completely yours and that all profits are made available to you only. Thus, the Focal Point Company Setup becomes your discreet companion. The Consumer Rights Arrangement is the contracting court document that allows us to give you 100 percent company ownership. Our attorneys draw up water-tight protections to secure the rights of investors and ensure that customers are still completely secured. As your local UAE affiliate, Focal Point Company Setup charges an annual nominal partnership fee only. We assist you in deciding the legalities.

    PRO Services Section

    PRO services are not a new concept that does not require any definition for a UAE business enthusiast. Our services are extraordinary and helpful for businesses at each level. A person living in Saudi Arabia is well aware that it is better to grab PRO/Accounting services than an in- house PRO/ Accounting team. Many problems related to the formation of the company and Government go hand in hand for a business person. These include Government approvals, Public notary, Trademark registration, Copyright services, and etcetera. It is not only beneficial for mega-businesses but also for individuals to have PRO/Accounting services. PRO/Accounting services for individuals include fingerprinting, obtaining visas, and business setup help in Saudi Arabia, Arabic translation service, and etcetera. It is not easy to get involved in legalities, and it is always beneficial to have an expert by your side who is well aware of all the legalities and your business. With PRO/Accounting services,
    you can easily save your time and be stress-free by collaborating with the outsourcing party. It ensures handling of your legal sections of business with experts who have extensive knowledge on how to deal with every situation.

    There are unlimited advantages for an individual who is starting his new life or creating a new company in a country like the UAE. Some of the merits are enlisted below:

  • Compliance: Ifyou are not initially from UAE, there can be some difficulties adjusting or complying with local laws and multiple documenting of papers. UAE has robust policies that have strict rules for ex-pats in the country. By hiring a PRO/Accounting services, you get easy processing, especially concerning Visa services in Dubai.
  • TIME: Having a collaboration with a local PRO company aids you set up your new business in UAE. With a PRO/Accounting service, a company can grow exponentially as they are not required to pay attention to legal processing. They are no requirement of hiring or even training a PRO team.
  • Longevity: With a PRO (accounting services Dubai) company as your companion of trust, you have access to the best resources at the early phase of your business. Moreover, you will have your budget in control as you will not be spending more than the required amount.
  • Trade License Services Section

    By exploiting the growth of business centres in prime locations according to various segments and requirements, Dubai facilitates companies and organizations. With numerous offerings and facilities, the Business Centre Industry has implemented bespoke solutions. Dubai Serviced Offices Focal point varies from whole floors, large-scale offices, serviced, shared, virtual offices, and other creative solutions for office space.
    Focal Point recognizes that this model aims to further expand its services for established and inbound businesses targeted to business markets locally, regionally, and globally. Therefore, the idea of Dubai rental service offices and facilities provided by the Focal point is the premium offices.
    Focal Point has the potential to support existing requirements and can quickly extend to organizations for large-scale facilitations. Focal point addition to the office now proudly reaches out to other value-added services, including business setup, sponsorship, PRO services, registration of trademarks, financial consultancy, accounting,

    Our outstanding offices are fully furnished and IT ready for your business. In offering instant personality-filled workplace solutions at your own convenience on flexible terms. Businesses do not know that, relative to global standards, the climate in Dubai United Arab Emirates is very different, so we also provide trademarks and brand security services that ensure the legal protection of consumer goods and services in the search to grow into new segments and markets.
    Get high-end office space at the cheapest price for sale. Enjoy the benefits of furnished offices for sale. Book one through a Focal point and get the best rates guaranteed today. Compared to every other operation, solution, or facility, the main advantage that a Focal point business centre can give is the property itself. As for Conrad Hotel-Business Tower, you can't have a better option. Conrad Dubai's reputation is none other than His Excellency Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan being the PPM patron who manages and operates the hotel. It is something no one can match up to be a serious business person and to realize this relationship with Conrad Hotel-Business Tower and in turn with Focal Point Business Centre. Considering that factor that Conrad Hotel-Business Tower Dubai, where Focal Point Business Centre hosts the very best of furnished rental space for Serviced Offices, the related infrastructure, services and benefits become the best.

    Serviced rental offices in Dubai are aimed at Dubai as the prime location for businesses ranging from firms, clustered companies, small & medium enterprises, branches, divisions, overseas, business units, corporate presence to even a single resource. They need a versatile solution for the Serviced Office for Rent in Dubai as requirements are complex and evolving. The Spider Business Centre for Serviced Offices Dubai offers all versatile and customizable solutions. Serviced Offices Dubai, operated by FPBC, provides the power of versatility, scalability, reliability, and affordability at the same time. Businesses that need cost-effective, multiple, and luxury solutions for offices and specifically Dubai Serviced Offices, at any given time span, can easily facilitate any need. We assume that our office spaces should be personalized and adapted to the needs of the customer, not the other way around.