Ajman Free Zone Company Setup

For creating a business, business development may be the primary requirement. In UAE, the Ajman Free zone company formation process requires distributing an application type at the municipality's customer support center. The process is followed up from the municipality to ensure that your ideal company area is inspected, acquiring necessary approvals from the municipality, acquiring industry title approval, and acquiring company registers plus area program accreditation. The distribution approvals plus charge bills to the industry's ministry and ensuring all of the Ajman free zone company setup costs are settled just before acquiring company licensure.

An industry brand should determine the dynamics of business tasks that a business intends to undertake in the Ajman area. For a trade being approved, it should; not violate UAE public morals. It should conclude with the organization's legal development. Business setup in Ajman should not conflict with another authorized industry name, not include some religious or maybe government authority logos.

Features Of Ajman Free Zone

Ajman Free Zone is probably the oldest and best-known Ajman Free Trade zone within the UAE. It is situated at the Emirate of Ajman, approximately 40 mins drive from Dubai. This zone is situated adjacent to an ocean port. It welcomes some businesses: starting with freelancers, ending with mild trading and manufacturing companies. As opposed to an online business established in Dubai, the Ajman Free Zone company setup appeals to people who begin with an innovative small business idea.

  • Companies in Ajman Free Zone prefer complete exemption from practices duty for services and goods
  • Foreign businesses can have a 100% ownership
  • Provision of 100% repatriation of profits and capital
  • Liberal financial policies and legal framework
  • Personal income tax is exempted
  • The supply of energy is cheap and abundant
  • Companies enjoy land leasing for twenty years, renewable for other twenty years


What exactly are the kinds of licenses needed to develop business in Ajman's totally free trade zone?

Ajman Free Zone Authority has four kinds of business licenses that they issue for Ajman free zone company setup:

  • 1. Trading License Individuals who maintain a business in the free zone region are given a trading license. The Ajman free zone trade license can bring three tasks in one license given by the Ajman Free Zone Authority.
  • 2. E-Commerce License A business that would like to venture into e-Commerce or perhaps starts an internet company can choose an e-commerce license. Additionally, it offers technical support and marketing to investors.
  • 3. Professional License All foreign companies are prepared to create their business in the sector, like IT, the management, or even marketing and advertising consultancy. Ajman Free Zone should get a professional license to begin their business enterprise. Read More
  • Why Ajman Free Zone?

    Tax relation:

  • Corporate tax is completely exempted for companies
  • Personal income tax is exempted
  • Total exemption while on import-export tax
  • Advantage of Pre-configured office:
  • The supply of energy is cheap and abundant
  • Ajman Free Zone has pre-built offices, sensible practices, and also warehouses to facilitate companiesRead More