Offshore Company Setup

UAE offshore companies are not given working licenses and are just given an endorsement of incorporation. So, offshore company setup in UAE can be an easier process altogether. But it requires you to know the guidelines and methodology for registration of an offshore company formation in the UAE.
With Focal Point Business Centre you can be relaxed to know our easy and hassle-free methods involved in the business formation in UAE. We value your money and time offering you the fastest and simplest way to set up an offshore company. We are known for our quick and genuine services. We have close connections with government authorities and international expertise that empowers us to smoothly provide business setup services in UAE.


Offshore Company in Jebel Ali

Set up in 1985, Jebel Ali offshore area is spread across 48 sq meters and is one of the biggest. Read More


Offshore Company In RAK

Offshore companies will be the ideal business framework for attaining anonymity Read More


What services does UAE Offshore Company provide?

When you think of your company formation in Dubai UAE, you are directed to fetch the below features.

  • Advisory services 
  • Purchasing, holding or selling stakes of organizations 
  • Commission agents consulting services 
  • General trading exercises 
  • Worldwide proficient services 
  • Investments and joint ventures 
  • Owning property
  • What are the benefits of company formation in the UAE?

    Offshore company formation allows you to run business productively and you get 100% ownership of your assets in the UAE. Also, you can get the opportunity to evade certain methods in company formation and profit the tax benefits. The different other reasons to choose an offshore company set up in UAE are:

  • Tax benefits: Business can be organized so that the benefits are acknowledged in a manner that limits their overall tax liability.
  • Anonymity: The name of the underlying principle might be kept out of documentation via carrying out operations in the name of the offshore business.
  • Global Trade: An offshore company would be a decent choice for individuals who need to do global business with different other investments.
  • Property Transfer: If a proprietor decides to sells the property; a specific amount of its value might be charged by the authority. This transfer fee is easily avoidable by selling the company itself.
  • Many Investors: Not many property developers around the globe consider more than a single landowner. But when it’s an offshore company in UAE, the number of investors can be 1-50, and the company possesses the property. Read More
  • Why choose Offshore Companies in UAE?

    An offshore company in the UAE draws in numerous new entrepreneurs because of the least setup cost and other related expenses. With this, the other advantages of having an offshore organization are:

  • Foreign ownership in free zones, without the involvement of any UAE national as an investor or sponsor
  • Full exemption from import and export taxes
  • Zero annual tax, personal and corporate tax
  • Full repatriation of capital and benefits 
  • Asset insurance
  • Complete secrecy, confidentiality, and privacy in business operations
  • Easy to open a bank account in Dubai
  • No restrictions on foreign currencies

  • The offshore company setup is ideal for global business, as worldwide laws administer offshore companies and no local rules are relevant to them, which guarantees that their assets are completely secured with free money repatriation and no tax assessment. We at Focal Point Business Centre recommend our worldwide clients to decide on an offshore business set up in the United Arab Emirates. Read More